Interview with Dead Pharisees from the North Pole.

(Text in Red is me =P, Text in White are the Dead Pharisees)

1)Can you tell me a little bit about your band history? As in age(?) line-up(changes?) country.

IThe band has gone thru a few changes over the past 4 yrs....Exhaltation was our name when we first was a 4 piece, with Scrybe on Vocals, Mark Burcell on guitar, Luke Burcell on Bass and Jeremiah Patterson on Drums. Scrybe left to go to school, Jeremiah left, and Sean Kovacs joined on Bass, Luke went to vocals, and we added David Kovacs as Drummer. The name Dead Pharisees was added just before our concert with Precious Death in California in 1995. Jared Henderson played Rhythm guitar on our Knock me on My Face demo and played at the Mortification Concert with us in 1996.

Currently the band is Luke Burcell Vocals 19 yrs, Sean Kovacs Bass 19 yrs, Mark Burcell Guitar 17 yrs and David Kovacs Drums 17 yrs.

2)How would u describe your music? Death/Power metal??

That is best left for the listener to decide...

3)Who are your influences?

Mortification, The Crucified, Discarnated, The Blamed, Klay Scott aka Scott Albert, Fear Factory (musically only!),  Believer, and Sacrament.

4)And what do you think of secular metal? Do you guys listen to secular bands?

Secular bands are OK, as long as you can separate the music from the message.  We do listen to a few secular bands such as Fear Factory, Korn, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Rancid, Goldfinger, Kansas, and bands that have a good amount of talent.

5)Do you guys think that a christian should listen to secular metal?

Like we said, as long as you can separtate the music from the message.

6)Did you guys play in any live performances.
And how did the crowd react to a Christian metal band during the live performances?

We have played atleast 20 live performances, and the audience really got into the music.

7)Does your Church support what Dead Pharisees is doing?

Our previous Church didn't support us, but the one we are going to now does.

8)Have Dead Pharisees received any death threats from Satanists?
Or did they show any hostility towards Lament??

We haven't received any Death threats, but at some concerts we have been verbally assaulted and spat upon. Also had some Atheist from Sweden put us on his "Websites to hate" page.

9)How would you describe your latest album's style?

People should buy the album and decide for themselves..but hm magazine's Doug VanPelt discribed it as "standing between 2 encore stages at cornerstone with Mortification playing on one and The Crucified on the other.".

10)Could you share some of your lyrical concepts? And how did you get them?

Mummified Priest is a lyrical discription of the Spiritual deadness of mainstream Churches influenced by M.C Eshers Mummified Priest display.....Ripped to Shreds is a graphic discription of an abortion from the babies point of view......

11)What do you think of the secular Metal Scene?

We are not into the secular Metal Scene.

12)And what do you think of the Christian Metal Scene?

We think that the Christian metal scene is a good tool to get the message of Jesus Christ to kids involved in the Secular music scene.

13)Do you think that most Christian metal can't compare to their secular counterparts?

No, Christian metal is just as good and sometimes better than Secular metal.

14)What is the purpose (or goal) of Dead Pharisees?

To get the Message of Jesus Christ out to those into Heavy metal music.
Also to let the world know that Christians are not a bunch of stiffs..

15)Does Dead Pharisees see itself fulfilling the purpose (goal)?

Yes, we have been doing so...

16)What do Dead Pharisees see itself 10 years down the road?

Not really thinking about that, we just want to do what God wants us to do today.

17)Okay, thank you so much for your time and any last words for your fans in Singapore?

Thanx for your support, and READ THE WORD.

That was the unedited interview with Dead Pharisees.
Hope you've enjoyed it. Remember support Dead Pharisees by getting their album.
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